Management and organisation of the Service



In 1966, the then- Ministry of Local Government approved the resolution enabling the Benissa City Council to set up a municipal drinking water supply and distribution service, directly managing it as a monopoly governed by a Regulation.


The Service has a work force composed of 1 Chief of Service, 3 administrative officials, two meter readers, 3 official plumbers and 4 assistant plumbers.

The administrative infrastructure of the Town Council is available to the Service. The Service also has sufficient means to carry out maintenance of the installations, hiring companies or professionals on those occasions requiring a great degree of specialization. ( Water analysis, maintenance of transformer centres, pump repairs, etc.)


Work force of the Municipal Drinking Water Service


The office of the municipal service is open to the public from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. They offer services including contracting the service, change of ownership, meter reading, billing, complaint service and collecting notices of incidents and breakdowns. Billing is done on a bi-monthly basis, with an informative bill sent to each user. Collecting payments for the bills is delegated to  Gestión Tributaria, which issues bi-annual charges of the bill. During the hours the office is not open, the Drinking Water Service has a 24-hour telephone line for reporting breakdowns at 639 13 57 89. The different incidents are attended to by telephone through this service well-known to the residents of Benissa.