Actions and Improvements in the Service


The Municipal Drinking Water Service is carrying out various actions aimed at improving and making management of the service more efficient. Basically, these actions involve the replacement of fibre cement pipelines with cast iron pipelines and the old polyethylene networks with higher-quality polyethylene materials. In addition, the electrical installations of the wells have been updated. All improvements in the installations of the Service have a direct impact on the energy consumption involved in extracting water from the different wells. The works are carried out by the Town Council through allocations in its investments budget or through subsidies from the Alicante Provincial Council and other organisations. The most noteworthy works are detailed below:

1999.- Recognition by TV, cleaning and improvement of Manuel Torres well.

1999.- Purchase of replacement pump motor for the Corralet well.

2000.- Installation of remote control for monitoring installations of the Service.


2000.- Purchase of a variable frequency drive for the San Antonio well.




2000.- Purchase of a variable frequency drive for the Corralet well.

2001.- From this date until now, ongoing renovation of the stock of meters for consumers.

2001.- Purchase of a variable frequency drive for the Manuel Torres well.


2001.- Purchase of pump and a replacement motor for the Cami Sanet well.




2001.- Renovation of the pipeline in C/ Lliri, 545 m.

2001.- Renovation of rural area pipelines, 1st phase, 2,270 m.

2002.- Installation of sector meters in the remote control network.

2002.- Renovation of rural area pipelines, 2nd phase, 1,857 m.

2002.- Introduction of automatic chlorination in Collao storage tanks.


2002.- Renovation of transformer centre of Cami Sanet well.




2003.- Renovation of electrical and manoeuvring control panels in the San Antonio and Manuel Torres wells.

2003.- Purchase of a replacement pump motor for the Canor well.

2004.- Renovation of pipelines in C/ Tulipa, 495 m.


2005.- Renovation of electrical control panel of Corralet well.




2005.- Conversion of 300 mm. pipeline from the Collao tanks to town centre to a dual pipeline.

2005.- Purchase of replacement pump for the San Antonio well and change of electric pump wiring in the Manuel Torres well.

2006.- Renovation of rural area pipelines, 3rd phase, 1,890 m.

2006.- Renovation of transformer centres of the San Antonio and Manuel Torres wells.


2006.- Renovation of pipelines in C/ Garrofer and Av. del Paradero, 648 m.




2007.- Renovation of pipelines in Av. Fanadix, 490 m.


2007.- Renovation of pipeline from Benigembla to Benissa (15Km) with 500 mm. cast iron pipeline.


2008.- Renovation of pipelines in various streets in the town of Altamira-Carrions, 825 m.

2008.- Replacement of various stretches of polyethylene pipeline in the rural and tourist areas, 750m.



2009.- Installation of sector remote stations in C/ Metge Sala, C/ Valencia and the industrial estate.


2009.- First phase of clearing of vegetation from the 300mm diameter water mains between Benidoleig and Benissa. These works were carried out in the uphill stretch of the pipeline from the Cami Sanet well to the Durá inspection point on the Siguili mountain, Benidoleig.



2009.- Replacement of 810 metres of water mains in the calle Lliri and Av. de los García, in the coastal area, with cast iron pipes.


2009.- 1st fase of the works that will allow the reuse of waters purified in the Benissa-Senija sewage plant.  The treated water will be pumped up at the tank located La Corona Green Zone for urban uses such as street cleaning and watering public gardens.