Half the cost and twice the benefit

Fitting water-efficiency devices in the home means more comfort and economy.

How much can you save in your home?


Normal Use          Consuption             TECNOLOGY              Consuption     

                        (litres/pers./day)                                     (l/pers./day)

Toilet                        50                  Flush cout-out                   20                   

Taps                         36                  Special nozzles                  24

Shower                      45                  Economy shower               30

Washing machine       22                  New washing machine       19

Dishwasher               3.3                  New dishwasher                 2

Others                        8                  Efficient habit                    5           

Leaks                      1.7                  Prevention                         0

TOTAL LITRES – 166                       TOTAL LITRES – 100

A 3-4 person household can save over 50,000 litres per year and over 25,000 pesetas on water and energy.

An water-efficient household…


  • Uses the plugs in the washbasin and the sink

  • Takes a shower instead of a bath

  • Only uses the washing machine and dishwasher for full loads

  • Has saving devices fitted

  • Has mixer or rapid cut-off taps

  • Has a flush cut-out in the cistern

  • Saves water used for washing food by recycling for indoor and outdoor plants.

  • Uses eco-friendly detergents

  • Mops the floor with half a bucket of water

  • Does not use the toilet as a rubbish bin

  • Educates children to respect nature and use water responsibly


A significant and permanent reduction in the water wasted in towns ensures quality drinking water, allows a wider working margin in times of drought and considerably reduces the economy and environmental costs generated in urban areas.