• Check all taps in the house for dripping. A drippy tap can waste up to 90 litres of water a week!



  • Place a plastic bottle of water in the WC cistern, and you can save up to 2 litres of water every time you flush the toilet.


  • Take a 5-minute shower instead of a bath. You can save up to 700 litres a week.


  • Wash your car in an automatic carwash. They are built to be more efficient than hosing your own car down!
  • Check your WC cistern for leaks by pouring some food colouring into the tank, If the colouring appears in the bowl within half an hour, it means your cistern leaks and you´re wasting water!

    - Avoid flushing if it is not absolutely necessary. Flushing a tissue down the toilet, for example, is not worth wasting 10/12 litres of water!

    - Check your plumbing installations regularly, and don´t forget to close the mains supply tap when you plan to leave home for a time.

    - Don´t leave the tap on while you shave, while cleaning your teeth, etc. If you cleaned your teeth3 times a day with the tap on, you would waste over 10000 litres of water a year!

  • If you wash fruit or vegetables under a running tap, you waste double the amount of water, compared to filling a bowl with water and washing in it.


Don´t use running water to defrost frozen food. Take frozen items out of the freezer the day before or use a microweave oven.

- Ask your plumber or technician to install water saving devices so you can save up to 50% of water and power: profilers, flow reducers, efficient showerheads, WC cistern devices, etc.

- Keep a bottle of cold water in the fridge instead of running the tap every time you want cool water!

- Grow plants adapted to dry conditions in your garden. Remember it is forbidden to use tap water for irrigation purposes or to fill your swimming pool.

- Play an active role in water saving, giving others advice if you see them making inappropriate use of scarce water supplies. You can even call the Municipal Water Service on 902 41 01 02.

- Follow the advice given in water saving campaigns and by your Town Council so that we can all help to use this scarce local resource more efficiently.

If you have any more suggestions for saving water, why not send them in to us?


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